Brian Ladin Shares Top 5 Benefits of Container Shipping

Brian Ladin Shares Top 5 Benefits of Container Shipping

Container shipping, or containerization, is one of the most popular transportation methods around the world. Shipping containers are able to carry all kinds of items, from dry goods to liquids, and can be transported by sea, road, or rail. Brian Ladin of Dallas, Texas is the founder of Delos Shipping and knows firsthand the multitude of benefits that come along with container shipping. Since earning a bachelor’s degree in political economy from Tulane University, Brian has built a successful career as an entrepreneur and investment professional. He has served as a partner at companies such as Talisman Capital and Bonanza Capital, where his efforts generated more than $100 million in profits. Currently, Brian Ladin exercises his leadership skills and extensive experience investing in public and private businesses at Delos Shipping. Delos Shipping is a capital provider to the shipping industry, primarily focused on distressed assets, long term leases, and cyclical asset plays. Continue reading for Brian Ladin’s insight into what he perceives to be the top five benefits of container shipping.

1. Container Shipping is Sustainable

According to Brian Ladin, one of the greatest benefits of container shipping is that it is environmentally friendly. In fact, it is one of the most sustainable methods of shipping as the containers are made to last and thus do not need to be replaced often. Further, containers are reused for other purposes when they are no longer fit to carry goods. For example, shipping containers have become a popular material when it comes to building houses or apartment complexes. Reusing shipping containers as a building material is a green alternative to natural resources.

2. Container Shipping is Strong

Simply put, shipping containers are extremely strong and sturdy. They are typically made of steel, shares Brian Ladin, which allows them to withstand a high degree of wear and tear. Of course, their strong construction is a necessity when they’re being shipped thousands of miles across the ocean. The hardiness of container shipping not only makes it a trust-worthy method of transporting goods, but also an excellent building material outside of the transportation industry. In line with the above point on sustainability, the toughness and longevity of shipping containers makes them an excellent material for building a home or even just storing your prized possessions, because you know it will be able to withstand any sort of harsh weather conditions and last for generations to come.

3. Container Shipping is Cost-Effective

Transporting goods via container shipping is almost always the most affordable option. Founder of Delos Shipping, Brian Ladin, claims that the cost-effective nature of this shipping method is a result of standardization. The fact that shipping containers are standard transport products that can be shipped anywhere in the world makes them far cheaper than other conventional modes of transportation. Some research suggests that container shipping can be up to 20 times less expensive than other methods. The affordability of this shipping method extends beyond transportation to construction, with shipping containers also considered one of the most cost-effective building materials.

4. Container Shipping is Flexible

One of Brian Ladin’s favorite aspects of container shipping is how flexible this transportation method is. Shipping containers can be used to carry a wide variety of goods, ranging from cash crops like wheat to commodities like coal. Manufactured goods such as cars can also be shipped via container shipping. Further, there are even containers suitable for liquids and refrigerated goods. With container shipping, the possibilities are endless. Plus, shipping containers are just as useful when used as a building material. Owing to infrastructure that allows containers to be transported by boat, train, or truck, it is completely up to you to decide when and where you want the shipping containers to arrive, as well as how they are moved and used.

5. Container Shipping is Secure

In addition to the four benefits mentioned above, Brian Ladin asserts that container shipping is also one of the safest and most secure methods of transporting goods. Going back to number two, each container is made to withstand all sorts of harsh natural weather conditions. Containers have been tried and tested so you can rest assured that your goods will remain safe and protected throughout the duration of the journey. Further, the contents of the containers are unknown to carriers like Delos Shipping as they are only allowed to be opened at three points throughout the voyage: at the origin point by the shipper, at customs (only applicable if crossing an international border), and finally, at the destination by the recipient. Keeping the containers shut throughout the journey not only reduces the chances of theft, but also of spoilage, leakage, or damage.



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Brian Ladin

Brian exercises his leadership skills and extensive experience investing in public and private businesses as the founder of Delos Shipping.